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Dale Flood
Sep 02, 2021
In Share Your Memory
January 2014 the Nyien’s arrived in California to ski at Lake Tahoe. My wife Svetlana and I were to meet them at Northstar at 9:00 but they didn’t arrive. 9:30 I called Patti asking, “Where are you guys?” and she responded, “In Nevada” I asked, “What are you doing in Nevada? Northstar is on the west side of the lake and Nevada is east.” She hesitated and responded, “I guess Harvey made a wrong turn.” Those reading this might be aware that Harvey self-proclaims to be directionally challenged. Three cups of hot-chocolate latter we are still watching the gondola coming up from the parking lot from which they should arrive but they have not. From behind I hear voices that sound like Kevin and Kindra and here they come, the whole Nyien gang less Harvey. I asked, “How did you get up here?” and Kindra said “We skied down out of that woods”. I asked, “How did you get up in those woods?” and she responded, “Harvey couldn’t find the resort but found a fire road and we got to the fire station and asked the firemen where the resort was and they pointed across the road. So we pulled out our gear, climbed over the fence and skied down while the firemen yelled, ‘Hey, you can’t go that way, you have to pay to get in there.’ But I just waved good-bye.” Ever since I’ve wondered how it was that they couldn’t find the entrance to a world class resort that welcomes hundreds of thousands of skiers and boarders each year… I’m a pretty good skier but could never keep up with either Kevin or Kindra. She was amazing!
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Dale Flood

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