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Aug 01, 2021
In Share Your Memory
I remember when I first met Kindra. She brought her father into a lounge I was working in . It was his birthday. I carded Kindra and not her father and her dad said "hey why aren't you carding me? I'm young". Kindra and I both looked at her dad and smiled. That day changed my life for ever. Little did I know that I would be blessed with a new family. Phil ( her dad ) and I were married a year and a half later. I remember always telling Kindra that when I was angry at her dad that it was her fault for bringing him into my life that day. We always laughed at that. I would also thank her over and over again for bringing in the love of my life . She always smiled and said she was happy for her dad and me. When we married I had three daughters and I was asked " how did it feel to have three step children?. I always replied that they were not my step children but that God had blessed me with a fourth daughter and her two brothers, they were my Bonus children. Miss Kindra as I sometimes called her was loved by my side of the family unconditionally. My mother adored her. We were all blessed. She was family. I miss you, Kindra. Rest in peace baby girl.


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